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International Try Zone

 2. The Ball

The Ball
2.1 Shape
The ball must be oval and made of four panels.
2.2 Dimensions
Length in line

280 - 300 millimetres

Circumference (end to end)

740 - 770 millimetres

Circumference (in width)

580 - 620 millimetres

2.3 Materials
Leather or suitable synthetic material. It may be treated to make it water resistant and easier to grip.
2.4 Weight

410 - 460 grams

2.5 Air pressure at the start of play

65.71-68.75 kilopascals, or 0.67-0.70 kilograms per square centimetre, or 9.5-10.0 lbs per square inch.

2.6 Spare balls

Spare balls may be available during a match, but a team must not gain or attempt to gain an unfair advantage by using them or changing them

2.7 Smaller balls

Balls of different sizes may be used for matches between young players.